Högmora - Imola

15 minutes from Stockholm, in the nature reserve Orlängen and close to the lake Trehörningen you will find Högmora, Imola’s brand new premium living. This is an area where architecture meets nature. Every house interacts with the outside through large windows and open spaces. Natural materials such as steel and wood interacts nicely with the greenery and gives privacy to all the houses. With the option to choose your colors, materials, built-in sound and all the special woodwork that you can add on this will be a living with your personal touch. Sweden is a country with a limited period of summer time. People adapt to this and creates inviting houses with a lot of warmth. That’s why we concentrated on the inside. With overcast daylight and evening images we focused on the inviting inside. The way you experience Swedish homes most of the time during the seasons. (description source)

Home Type: 
Extra Large Apartment